The Deal cover The Deal

Title: The Deal

Series: London Suits, #1

Publication Date: Oct 17th, 2019

Format(s): Kindle, Paperback (including alternative cover version)


A standalone friends to lovers, fake relationship romance

I’ve worked at Barrett London for some time now, and if there’s one thing I know about the CEO, Ethan Barrett; it’s that he’s a complete workaholic and obsessively organised. When he comes to me with a proposal to pretend to be his girlfriend for a weekend, I take the deal but I wasn’t expecting sparks to fly. When he suggests we see where our attraction takes us, I can’t help but wonder, can I really settle for always being second to his work? Or do I deserve more than that?

I built Barrett London from the ground up. It’s been my life from day one, and I never let anything get between me and it. I need a date for my sister’s wedding, otherwise I risk my mother trying to set me up with some vapid socialite, so I make a deal with my employee, Avery Jenkins. She’s my opposite in every way—messy and disorganised—so I know there’s no chance of feelings developing. I couldn’t have been more wrong. Can I let go of some of my control in order to put her first? Or am I willing to lose the only woman who has ever managed to get under my skin?